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Woman Calls 911 Over Bad Manicure; Lands in Jail

A Florida woman found herself in jail just because she got a bad manicure. Oh, and because she called 911 four times to complain about it.

According to a report on My Fox Orlando, Cynthia Colston was not happy with her manicure. She said the nails were too short so she refused to pay what the nail technician wanted. When she said the woman became aggressive, Colston called 911.

A deputy came, but in addition to being told she could not file charges, Colston said the officer was not particularly helpful. So she called 911 a second time and asked for more help.

"She was trying to get a non-emergency number and yet there was a deputy standing right there with her," a Volusia County official told the television station.

Colston then called two more times, accidentally, she said, because she was dialing with her knuckles (didn't want to ruin her nails?). Accident or not, enough was enough -- she was arrested on charges of misusing the 911 system.

The county official said the main problem was that Colston should have asked the deputy for help instead of calling the emergency line.

As for her nails, Colston will have to go someplace else to get them redone. "I had to take them off when I was in jail," she said, laughing.


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