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Woman Calls 911 Because Subway Gave Her Marinara Instead Of ‘Pizza Sauce’

A North Carolina woman was arrested for allegedly calling emergency services to complain that a Gastonia Subway restaurant put "marinara sauce" on her flatbread pizza instead of “pizza sauce.”

Belvalante Michette Hall, 37, was arrested on Thursday after calling 911 from the Cox Road restaurant around 5:45 p.m., according to WISTV.

"I'm down here and these people done gave me marinara sauce instead of pizza sauce and I've got them also down here telling me to shut up, all up in my face and everything," Hall said in a 911 recording. "Can you please send a cop down here?"

Hall told the 911 operator that employees wouldn’t make her a new pizza even though they had done so for her mother with no problem.

"It's terrible. And I got my receipt, and I told them I can't eat that kind of sauce, and now they're telling me I can't get my money back," she told 911. "And they can't make me another pizza with pizza sauce on there."

Hall was charged with misuse of the 911 system. Booked into the Gaston County Jail, she was releases minutes later on $2,000 bond.

Sources: WISTV, WBTV


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