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'I Felt Embarrassed': Woman Finds Surprise Inside Playstation 4 She Bought For Her Boyfriend (Video)

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A Delano, California woman got a major surprise when she presented her boyfriend with what she thought was a Playstation 4 video game system.

Sandra Ortiz took a trip to her local Target to buy her boyfriend the PS4, excited for him to open it. When the time came to open the box, the boyfriend discovered that instead of a game system, he had received two bibles.

Ortiz and her boyfriend were shocked by the discovery. “I felt embarrassed,” Ortiz said. “The young woman said she was afraid that Target wouldn’t believe her if she tried to take the box back and exchange it for the gift she’d intended.

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It turns out, however, that the store wasn’t all that surprised by what happened. A staff member told her that they’d recently had another incident in which something was stolen from a box and replaced with paper.

According to CNET, other stores have seen similar situations recently. Last year, a man reportedly bought two iPads at two different Target stores and reported that both boxes contained erasers instead of the tablets. Similarly, a woman who thought she was buying an iPad at Walmart two years ago found yellow notepads instead. In that case, it was discovered that a previous customer had “bought the box with an iPad in it and returned it without an iPad in it.”

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According to reports, Target was able to determine via security measures that Ortiz was telling the truth, and her boyfriend eventually got the PS4.

Ortiz said that while she and her boyfriend are both Christians, the bibles weren’t quite what they were hoping for.

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“He said he didn't want the Bibles unless they were autographed by Jesus himself.”

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