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Woman Busted For Checking 81 Pounds Of Pot At Oakland Airport

A woman was arrested at Oakland International Airport when she checked three suitcases containing 81 pounds of marijuana this week.

Anastasia Murdock, 26, had a ticket to Jackson, Miss., on Friday but landed herself in jail instead.

The vacuum-sealed packages were found after she checked in at 6 a.m. The contents would be worth about $100,000 on the street, authorities said.

"TSA screens every bag placed on an airplane, whether taken as carry-on or checked with an airline," TSA spokesman Ross Feinstein told CNN in an email.

When TSA officials find something criminal, they refer it to local authorities.

"As is common practice, TSA notified the Alameda County Sheriff's Office of the discovery, who responded and took possession of the marijuana," said Feinstein. "The passenger was subsequently arrested on criminal charges."

According to police, the Jackson native did not reveal why she had so much marijuana or why she was transporting it to Mississippi.

She is being held at Santa Rita Jail in lieu of $230,000 bail. She is scheduled to appear in an Oakland court at 2 p.m. Tuesday.

Sources: New York Daily News, CNN


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