Woman Buried in Bangladesh Factory Collapse Gives Birth Under Rubble


A woman trapped under rubble after a factory collapse in Bangladesh gave birth to a baby boy during the ordeal.

"The lady who gave birth to a baby boy was rescued on Wednesday after six hours," said a rescuer named Didar Hossain. "She gave birth while inside the building. She was about 26 or 27 years old. When we found her, she said, 'Please save my baby first'."

"The baby was crying," he added. "The umbilical cord was still there. After bringing them out we placed the baby in a cloth. There were other women around who took the responsibility to cut the umbilical cord."

After an initial assessment the baby looks to be completely healthy. The mother is also in good condition.

An eight-story building collapsed in Bangladesh on Wednesday, killing at least 300 workers. Police have arrested the owners of two factories that operated within the building.

More than 80 people were pulled out of the rubble Friday, according to Sky News, and many more may still be trapped.

Sources: HuffingtonPost, TelegraphUK


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