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Woman Breaks Into Car, Rescues Woman Held Hostage In Trunk

When Tiasha Chaplin first heard a suspicious “thump” sound coming from the trunk of a parked car, she figured she was walking past some sort of prank. She kept walking, but called 911 just in case. When she walked by the same car again later that day and heard a woman screaming, she decided to act.

After hearing a voice yelling out that they couldn’t breathe, Chaplin ran across the street and grabbed a brick.

“So I ran across the street, got a brick, threw the brick through the passenger window, and unlocked the door,” Chaplin told WLKY  “A man who was on scene with me unlocked the truck.”

Upon opening the trunk, Chaplin found 44-year-old mother Andrea Stone. Stone was barely conscious and had a broken arm. She was rushed to the hospital immediately.

After Stone regained her wits, she spoke with police and told them an armed man hijacked her car and forced her to drive around Kentucky and Indiana for several days. At some point, Stone was forced into the trunk.

Police credit Chaplin and the other passing citizens with saving her life.

“We don’t know what she’s been through,” an emotional Chaplin told WAVE. “It’s a blessing and it is odd that to me that it took for us to walk by to save her life, I’m just glad we saved her life.”

Carl Fletcher, Stone’s close friend and pastor, says Stone has little memory of what happened during the hijacking. Police say she appears to have been hit hard on the head at some point during the incident.

Fletcher and Stone’s family members are just thankful she is safe.

“I just thank God she is alive,” Fletcher said. 

Sources: WAVE, WLKY


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