Man Caught On Camera Abusing Girlfriends' Dogs (Video)


A woman in Rio de Janeiro ended her relationship after catching her boyfriend abusing her two dogs on camera.

Reports say that Ninna Mandin set up a hidden camera in her home and caught her boyfriend Rafael Hermida slamming one of her French bulldogs down to the ground while holding the other by its hind legs and throwing it to the ground, as well. Mandin claims she decided to set up video cameras because she started having suspicions that he was hurting her beloved dogs.

“That person that we have welcomed in my house, with all the love and affection, was able to commit the atrocities you are going to watch,” Mandin reportedly wrote on Facebook, according to The Blaze. “We do not have the words to describe such cowardice with beings so pure and helpless that never did wrong. The only feeling I have is the remorse to have not noticed before to spare them.”

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Mandin later followed up with her post saying that her dogs are “recovering” and safe “from the scope of him or any evil.”

The Mandin’s video footage quickly went viral, and now, angry Brazilians have planned a protest at the bar that Hermida partially owns. Almost 4,500 people responded that they were attending the planned protest at Buddy’s Bar, and in response, the establishment issued a statement.

“We would like to express complete disgust with what happened,” the statement, which was presumably written by one of the other owners, reads. “We are tomorrow removing that person’s property. We are angry just like you! But punish who is to blame!”

Take a look at the disturbing viral video below.

Source: The Blaze


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