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Video Shows Woman Body Slammed, Arrested After Arguing With Officer Over License Plate (Video)

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A woman in Florida was arrested in November 2014 while taking her daughter to school, and is now threatening to sue the police department (video below).

In a video of the incident, Tampa Police Officer Kevin Fitzpatrick is seen pulling up behind Liz Vargas and approaching her car. The two begin arguing, reportedly over her license plate appearing obscured due to a plastic cover. Vargas allegedly told Fitzpatrick, when asked to present her license and registration, that she left her license at home because she was in a rush. 

The argument continues for several moments, then Fitzpatrick grabs her arm and attempts to place her in handcuffs. Vargas then begins to scream for help, struggling for a moment before the officer pushes her down. Her chin and shoulder are hit the ground as she’s slammed to the ground. 

“Upon contacting the driver, she immediately became argumentative and repeatedly ignored my lawful requests for her documentation,” Fitzpatrick wrote in the arrest report. “The defendant continued arguing and began gesturing with her arms and raising her voice. I attempted to restrain the defendant and at that time she resisted my attempts to control her.”

Vargas told a different story, saying officer Fitzpatrick acted aggressively towards her, reports LiveLeak.

“They said I refused everything. I didn’t refuse,” she said. “He slammed me to the ground like I was a piece of trash.”

Vargas subsequently filed a complaint against Fitzpatrick, claiming he used excessive force. The complaint prompted an internal affairs investigation, which is currently underway. 

Watch the intense incident below.

Sources: The Tampa Tribune, LiveLeak / Photo credit: Screenshot via YouTube


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