Woman Blocks SUV With Her Body To Defend Parking Spot (Video)


It’s hard to think of any major city where finding parking is easy, but a woman in Denver went above and beyond to defend her parking spot.

A video (below) posted online features an unidentified woman clad in athletic gear who was apparently standing in a parking spot to reserve it when a white SUV came in to take the spot. The woman refused to budge, even as the SUV tried to gently back into her, Daily Mail reported. 

“Move it lady,” the parking spot defender yelled. “You're going to run me over. You're running me over lady.” She threatened to call the police, still shouting at the driver. “I've got all day, so if you don't want to move I can sit here all day.”

Another driver got out of his vehicle and encouraged the woman in the white SUV to move and she eventually did.

The person who recorded the video, Ryan O’Connor, wrote in the caption: “This was such a petty fight, especially considering the fact that there was a multi-story parking garage behind me as I was recording this. Let's be real. If she got that spot, her tires would've most likely been slashed.”

Sources: Daily Mail, YouTube / Photo credit: Screenshot via YouTube


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