Woman Bitten By Tiger Pleads Guilty To Trespassing


A woman from Omaha, Nebraska, has pleaded guilty to trespassing following an incident that took place at a zoo Oct. 31, 2015.

Jacqueline Eide, 33, admitted going into the Henry Doorly Zoo after it was closed and trying to pet a tiger.

Mai, an 18-year-old Malayan tiger, bit Eide’s fingers on her left hand. Eide required hospital treatment.

Eide’s guilty plea meant two other charges related to the incident, one for criminal mischief and another for contributing to the delinquency of a child, were dropped.

James Davis, Eide’s attorney, argued at a previous court appearance in December that Eide was not petting the tiger. Instead, she alleged a lion in a neighboring cage had roared, causing the tiger to be disturbed.

Davis added that Eide had visited the animal previously and had a pass for the zoo.

Eide has a long list of convictions since 2002, having been arrested 17 times.

In February, police detained Eide after she was seen staggering in the road and harassing teenage children. She reportedly approached two teenagers painting a wall and tried to bearhug them.

“She continued to do this until [she was] told to get off the property and quit grabbing the children,” court documents state, according to KETV. “She became belligerent at them.”

Eide was found carrying a cup with orange liquid, and admitted she had been drinking vodka and orange juice.

Officers placed Eide in a police cruiser to stop her from shouting at the children. She then reportedly became aggressive with the officers, threatening to kill one of them.

She allegedly tried to bite an officer.

Davis also represented Eide in that case.

“All I can say is she’s got a lot in common with that tiger at the zoo,” Davis told KETV. “They’re both behind bars and they both apparently like to bite.”

He called for help to be given to Eide.

“Other than her alcohol addiction, she’s a fine, intelligent, ambitious lady,” he added.

For Eide’s latest offense, a judge fined her $250.

Sources: Daily Mail, KETV / Photo credit: KMTV

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