Cops: Woman Bites Off Rapist's Tongue


A French woman stopped a man from raping her -- and obtained the DNA evidence that was used to convict him -- by biting off part of her attacker's tongue.

The 24-year-old man followed the victim into her apartment building in Toulouse, a city in southern France, May 8, according to La Depeche.

The man got into the elevator with his 19-year-old victim and demanded to have sex with her, "violently pulling her blouse" and other clothes before he allegedly began to rape her, the Independent reported.

At one point, the victim allowed the man to kiss her. When he did, she bit down on his tongue, biting off part of it, according to the English-language French newspaper The Local.

The alleged rapist fled and the woman called emergency authorities, who arrived and found part of the man's tongue and his blood inside the elevator. Cops canvassed local hospitals and told medical personnel to be on the lookout for a patient with a partially bitten-off tongue, and arrested the man not long afterward when he went for treatment, The Local reported.

Using DNA from the crime scene, they were able to charge the man with rape. He was sent to a local jail, where he's awaiting trial.

French media reports did not identify the attacker, and as a matter of policy do not identify victims of sexual assault.

Sources: Independent, LaDepeche, The Local / Photo credit: Mstyslav Chernov/Wikimedia Commons

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