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Woman Says She Bit Into Bolt While Eating Domino's Pizza (Photos)

A woman in England was casually eating a slice of Domino’s pizza when she unexpectedly chipped her tooth on a bolt lodged inside her meal.

Bella Peppiatt, 28, says she was in shock when she discovered the hard chunk she bit into while eating Domino’s pizza was a metal bolt.

“I started eating the pizza and there was a funny taste in my mouth. I bit into it and I could taste metal,” Peppiatt claimed. “I carried on and then I bit into something really hard. That was when I pulled the nut out of my mouth. It was horrible.”

The British woman says she immediately reported the incident to the Domino’s store that she got the pizza from, and in response, the staff offered to deliver a replacement pie. Obviously unsatisfied with the response, Peppiatt decided to reach out to the company's head office, and in response, a company spokeswoman issued a statement.

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“After our investigation, unfortunately, the metal screw was found to have come loose from one of our pizza cutters,” the spokeswoman said in the statement. “Although this is a very rare and isolated incident, we have already been in touch with our supplier and store to ensure this does not happen again. We'd like to send heartfelt and sincere apologies to our customer for this experience. We have offered to reimburse them for any dental work that may result, provided a full refund and vouchers. Our goal is to provide the best experience every time. If we fail to do that, we will do all we can to make it right.”

Sources: Daily Mirror, Daily Mail / Photo Source: Bella Peppiatt via Daily Mirror


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