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Woman Beats Toddler In Fast Food Restaurant (Video)

An unnamed woman is facing criticism after a video (below) of her beating a toddler emerged online. Daily Mail reported the woman’s actions were captured on closed-circuit TV at a fast food restaurant.

The footage shows a small boy reaching out for a hamburger, which he drops. The woman hits the toddler as she cleans up after the boy, who was apparently her son. She then escalates the situation by pushing and kicking the toddler.

Although an employee was sitting nearby and took note of the situation, no one intervened. A representative for the restaurant said, “We have spoken to the employee on duty at the time and he has been disciplined.”

The police are now looking for the woman. A spokesman said, “Thanks to members of the public who have come forward we have several leads we are pursuing.”

Source: Daily Mail

Image Credit: Screenshot via Daily Mail


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