Woman Beats, Bites, Hits Child With Baseball Bat Because of Clogged Toilet

LEHIGHTON, Penn. – Police have reported that a northeastern Pennsylvania woman attacked, beat and  bit her child – all over the matter of a clogged toilet in their home.

Christine Mertz of Mahoning Township reportedly punched her child at least 10 times, and used a baseball bat to hit the child twice on the right side.

In addition to attacking the child with the bat, 40-year-old Mertz also bit the child twice.

Fox News reports that the child was 15 years old.

The incident occurred on April 27. Police have not released the child’s gender.

According to police, the child’s sibling witnessed the interview. The sibling also reported that a backed-up toilet was the reason for the assault.

Police officers reported seeing bite marks on the child’s body.

Mertz has been charged with child endangerment, simple assault and harassment. A preliminary hearing has been set for May 21.

Mertz is currently in the Carbon County prison on unrelated charges.

Reports were unclear as to whether Mertz has an attorney.

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