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Mom Allegedly Beats Kids For Eating Ice Cream

Mom Allegedly Beats Kids For Eating Ice Cream  Promo Image

An Idaho mother has been charged with child abuse because of what she did after catching her kids eating some ice cream.

Priscilla Zapata, 26, has been charged with four counts of felony injury to a child after allegedly attacking her two sons and two daughters on July 18, reports the Daily Mail.

She is accused of shaving, hitting, biting, beating and strangling her four children when she saw that they had eaten some ice cream that she didn't want them to eat. 

According to deputies, Zapata beat all four of her children with a wet belt, then shaved the heads of her two daughters.

Zapata also allegedly bit one of the girls, and shoved the other one's face into the ice cream, then pushed her into a wall.

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The latter girl accused her mother of hitting her "everywhere" and then throwing her outside.

Police said the bitten girl described being held against a wall by her throat and choked, and "felt like [she] was going to die."

In the affidavit, the deputies said that the childrens' injuries were consistent with their claims. 

All four children are now in the care of the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare.

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Each of the four felony counts against Zapata carries a maximum 10-year sentence. She will have a preliminary hearing on Nov. 8.

Zapata told relatives she simply "lost it" when she saw that her children had eaten the ice cream.

In April, Ohio mother Susan Malysa was arrested for duct-taping her 11-year-old son to a chair and then leaving him alone at home while she went swimming at the YMCA, the Daily Mail reported.

In July, Brandy Jayne of Utah was sentenced to 15 years for locking her special needs son in a bathroom for two years because she decided he was too much trouble.

In August, Florida mom Keishanna Thomas was convicted of killing her daughter and keeping her in a freezer, reports the New York Daily News. She pleaded no contest to aggravated child abuse and abuse of a dead body and was sentenced to 65 years.

Child abuse occurs across all parts of the society, according to the organization Love Our Children USA. "Violence and neglect against children does not discriminate … It knows no color, no race. It happens in every city, town and state."

Victims of child abuse often become victimizers as adults, the organization explains. "They can be full of anger, can mistrust in relationships, are more apt to commit road rage, and more horrific violent acts, and contribute to the high cost of our mental health and welfare programs. Their self-esteem is shattered. They can grow up to be adults who continue the cycle of violence and neglect against children."

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