Woman Misses Husband's Funeral After Vicious Beating (Photos)

Woman Misses Husband's Funeral After Vicious Beating (Photos) Promo Image

An 82-year-old woman in Arizona had to skip her own husband's funeral after she was beaten while being robbed.

The incident, which occurred on July 21, is detailed in a Facebook message, which is being shared on social media by people with no relation to the family. The victim is identified only as "Virginia" by neighbor Andrea Milano, and the original message was posted by the victim's grandson, Jesse Leetham, reports KPNX.

"On July 21st around 9:30pm my nana called me asking if I knew where her car keys were," explains Leetham in the post. "I told her no but, I would come help her find them. While there we planned meals she was going to make for her cousin who was coming into town this week, and she asked me if I would do her nails so they would look nice for my papas funeral the following day. After I did her nails she showed me the outfit she picked to wear."

He says his uncle was also present, and they left together around 11 p.m., after which Virginia was washing dishes. The attack happened soon after, as he describes in vivid detail:

This POS waited till we left, walked into her house 5 minutes after we had gone! She was innocently washing the dishes and he tapped her on her shoulder, when she turned around she saw a man with a white mask stocky build. When he went to hit her, she grabbed his arms (so he may have scratches), when she did this he grabbed a glass off the counter and broke it over the back of her head and he proceeded to keep bashing her with it and his fists.

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Lt. Keith Thompson, a spokesperson for the Gila County Sheriff’s Department, corroborated Leeham's description.

“She was washing dishes at the time of the incident,” Thompson said. “She was tapped on the shoulder and that's when the assault occurred ... It's horrific. It's impacted the whole community."

Leetham went on to explain that Virginia played dead for three hours, lying in a pool of her blood, while the attackers robbed her house. Then, after they left, she locked herself in the bathroom and managed to call 911, although her eyes swollen almost completely shut.

"Not only did this MONSTER beat her unrecognizably, steal her belongings, took the security her husband built, and left her to die," he wrote. "This sorry excuse for a human being stripped her of being able to say her final goodbyes to the love of her life!"

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Amazingly, Virginia's attitude toward her attackers is one of forgiveness, as Leetham explains:

The last thing my sweet Nana would want is anyone to make a fuss over her but, I am posting this in hopes that someone out there DOES know something! Our family was heartbroken before with the loss of one of the most amazing men to ever walk this earth, but this, this has just devastated us. If this monster of a person has the stomach to do this to a helpless woman in her 80's, my fear is that he will have no problem doing this again. To the piece of garbage who did this, she proved how strong she is and not even YOU could break her spirit! I will do everything in my power to find out who you are and make sure you get everything you deserve!

Sources: KPNX (2), Facebook / Photo credit: PIxabay, Jesse Latham via KPNX

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