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Woman Beaten To Death Outside California Nightclub

A 25-year-old mother has been charged with the murder of 23-year-old Annie Pham.

It appears Pham was brutally beaten outside of a nightclub in Santa Ana, California by Vanesa Tapia Zavala and four other friends on Saturday. Zavala has been charged with murder, but the other four suspects remain at large.

The beating left Pham brain dead. She was placed on life support by medical staff so that her organs could be harvested before she passed. Life support was switched off on Tuesday.

A great deal of uncertainty surrounds the circumstances of Pham’s death. Initial reports said Pham and her friends were engaged in a verbal confrontation with Zavala’s group of friends. Then, Pham allegedly “photobombed” a picture of Zavala’s friends, which provoked them to attack her.

Zavala’s attorney disputes this narrative though, describing the violence outside of the club that night as a “melee, a bunch of people fighting.”

“I refuse to believe that people of this community would watch a woman stomped to death by five people and nobody would do anything,” attorney Kenneth Reed said.

A short video has surfaced showing a group of friends beating a victim outside of the club. Though Pham cannot be identified in the video, it is believed she is the victim on the ground.

Here is the video:

Reed says another witness of the fight contacted him and said at least six additional people were involved in the violence outside of the club that night. Regardless of how many people were involved, we known Pham is dead. We’ll see how this one unfolds. 

Sources: LA Times, Mail Online


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