Woman Awarded Money After Her Dog Ran Her Over With Car


An Australian woman has been awarded $140,000 ($123,000 in US dollars) in compensation after one of her dogs reportedly bumped the handbrake of her car, which resulted in her getting caught and dragged along with the car before falling out of it and being run over by her own vehicle.

The woman, who is from Victoria and was in her 60s in 2005 at the time of the incident, suffered injuries to her hip, shoulders, back and neck, reports ABC. After walking them, she reportedly put two of her dogs into the back seat of her car and a third in the front passenger seat.

The engine was running at the time in order to provide her pets with air conditioning.

As she was climbing into the driver’s side seat, the dog in the front reportedly bumped into the handbrake.

“When she walked into the office and she simply said ‘I was run over by my dog,’ I literally did think ‘I’ve heard it all now,’” said the woman’s attorney, Ann Cunningham. “While it has its humorous dimension, the major injuries caused were no laughing matter for the woman concerned.”

Cunningham said her client needed “multiple surgeries” and had to have both shoulders replaced. She also has “issues with her back and neck,” according to her attorney.

The Victoria’s Transport Accident Commission has awarded the woman $143,590 no-fault injury compensation, as well as medical expenses and income entitlements.

Source: ABC

Photo Credit: Karlis Dambrans/Flickr


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