Woman Wins Nice Chunk Of Change After Falling Off Toilet


A woman has been awarded more than $35,000 after a bizarre series of events.

Isabela O’Sullivan, 61, was sitting on the toilet of her recently re-tiled bathroom when a tile fell, alarming her to the point that she fell forward onto the floor, reports Irish Times.

O’Sullivan injured her right knee in the fall and says she was so badly hurt that she laid on the floor for several minutes before calling a friend for help.

Since the accident, O’Sullivan reportedly has needed regular visits to the doctor, and physiotherapy.

X-Rays of O’Sullivan’s knee revealed a degenerative condition, reports The Daily Mail. The condition had not bothered her prior to the bathroom accident.

The bathroom in O’Sullivan’s home had been re-tiled a few weeks before, following a fire in her house in Rathsallagh Grove, Shankill, Ireland.

O’Connell filed suit against contractor Neil Kelly, of Old Road, Monasterboice, Drogheda, Co Louth, who was hired by her insurance company to repair her home.

Kelly denied liability for the alleged negligence because he had contracted a tiler to complete the work.

Kelly added that O’Sullivan’s claim was fraudulent and that she pried the tile off the wall because she wanted different tiles after discovering not enough tiles were ordered to cover the bathroom walls.

In court it was reported that the 24” by 13” tile, weighing 6.6 lbs, broke the toilet seat when it fell.

Forensic engineer Barry Tennyson was on O’Sullivan’s side after investigating the work done at her home. He found “poor workmanship” and that an improper adhesive was likely used.

The judge found in favor of O’Sullivan, awarding her $35,000, and an additional $4,000 to have her bathroom tile replaced.

Photo Source: mattbuck/Wikipedia Commons


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