Woman Awaiting Trial For Cutting Off Husband’s Penis Hacks Off The Rest


A jealous wife in China, who is facing charges for drugging her husband and cutting off his penis, returned to finish the job she started.

Han Zhang, 30, allegedly crushed up sleeping pills into a drink for her husband, Han Mou, because she believed he was in love with another woman. While he slept, she cut off his penis and flushed it down the toilet before he woke up.

She was arrested by Anhui authorities and released on bail. She returned home to her husband and children while she awaited trial.

Fearing she would be locked up, her husband began looking for a caretaker to look after the home and children in her absence. But his wife was jealous of he caretaker, too.

Three months after the initial assault, Zhang crushed up sleeping pills into Mou’s drink again. This time, when Mou woke up, “everything” was gone.

Zhang called an ambulance for her husband and turned herself over to police.

Sources: New York Daily News, News.com.au


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