Woman Attempts to Smuggle 1 Pound of Meth into US By Hiding Stash in Vagina

A U.S. citizen allegedly tried smuggling a pound of meth into the United States by hiding the stash in her vagina.

According to a federal complaint, Claudia Ibarra was at the port of entry in San Luis on Tuesday, where a Customs and Border Protection officer noticed that she appeared very nervous.

The 31-year-old woman was selected for a pat-down. After being brought to a secured room, officers patted down; during the process, officers noticed that part of a broken condom was hanging out of her.

Ibarra was then asked to remove her pants and underpants.

She complied.

As the federal complaint states, one officer was “able to see a piece of plastic protruding from her groin area.”

“At that time, Ibarra admitted to having a package of methamphetamine concealed inside of her body,” the complaint continues.

The Arizona native was taken to a hospital in Yuma because the package reportedly could not be removed from her body. Only at the hospital was the package of meth – which weighed exactly one pound – successfully removed.

Ibarra now faces two federal drug charges.

Sources: Phoenix New Times, Complex

Photo Sources: Phoenix New Times, Georgia News Day


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