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Woman Attacked While Pushing Baby In A Stroller (Video)

Disturbing footage of a group of people attacking a young woman pushing a baby in a stroller around Del City, Oklahoma, was posted to Facebook and now four people have been arrested in connection with the beating (video below).

The footage was posted online on Dec. 6, KFOR reported. The male filming the incident, who is apparently a minor, did warn the victim before she got hit. “She about to hit it regardless. I really just, I’m trying to look out for your baby for real. Like move your baby because I don’t want your baby to get hurt,” he says.

The victim didn’t move the baby, but three female assailants, who are also apparently minors, moved in. A female good Samaritan honked to stop the fight, but the assailants didn’t stop, so the woman got out of her car to intervene while others called for help.

“I just felt like I had to step in then because they were just stomping that poor girl in the head and I didn’t think they would stop, and I just wanted to get out and beg them,” the unidentified woman told KFOR in a separate story.

The woman who intervened was hit in the head and shoved back into her vehicle. “Shoulda minded your own business. F--- ya’ll,” the boy behind the camera said.

Eventually the alleged assailants and cameraman went back to an apartment complex, uploaded the footage to Facebook and tagged the people involved — allowing police to track them down. 

The victim was apparently watching her friend’s baby at the time and neither party sustained serious injuries. The suspects are all facing charges of assault with a deadly weapon.

Sources: KFOR (2) / Photo credit: Screenshot via YouTube

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