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Indianapolis Woman Attacked With Ax In Her Home

During the early hours of Sept. 4, Autumn Lopez, 31, was sleeping in her Indianapolis, Indiana, home when she was reportedly attacked with an ax.

Lopez's assailant hit her in the head with the ax repeatedly, but she managed to survive, USA Today reported. She is still in the hospital, and she suffered from a brain bleed and a broken shoulder in addition to the bones in her ear canal bring broken.

Lopez’s alleged assailant is her ex-boyfriend, Severiano Diaz-Ortiz, 33, who also is the father of two of Lopez’s four children.

Lopez reportedly woke up just before her attack.

“She doesn’t remember if the dog was barking or what woke her up, but she was able to get her arm up and I think that’s what kept the ax from going into her brain,” Ceci Groce, Lopez’s mother, told USA Today on Wednesday. “The force knocked her out of her bed ... and she doesn’t remember how she get down the stairs and out the door. Neighbors have gone over there and told me that there is blood in every room.”

After Lopez fled the apartment, she reportedly ran downstairs for help, and one woman shut the door in her face while she called the police.

Before Diaz-Ortiz allegedly fled the scene, he’s accused of stealing up to $800 from Lopez’s purse, which was intended to pay her bills, according to a GoFundMe page created to help with her medical expenses and other bills. So far, the fundraiser has not met its $2,000 goal.

Lopez was well enough to thank everyone for their “prayers and good wishes” on Facebook on Saturday.

“I am still in immense pain,” Lopez wrote. “Hit 3-5 times with an axe. About 20 staples. Broken jaw. Open temporal lobe cranial fracture... broken ear bones... I almost died. My memory is horrible and slight trouble with speaking writing and understanding.”

It’s unclear where Lopez’s children are staying or what prompted the attack, but Diaz-Ortiz, 33, is wanted on suspicion of attempted murder and burglary. 

Sources: USA Today, GoFundMe

Photo Credit: Autumn Lopez's family via USA Today, GoFundMe


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