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Police Rush Woman Away From Ferguson Protests After She Showed Up In Support Of Darren Wilson (Video)

As protests and riots continue in Ferguson, Missouri, following the shooting death of 18-year-old Michael Brown, tensions in the area are obviously high. A supporter of Darren Wilson, the officer responsible for Brown’s death, learned that it wasn’t safe for her to counter protest the angry citizens of Ferguson.

Reports say that a woman showed up to the protests in Ferguson holding a sign in support of Officer Darren Wilson and, according to witnesses, she was hit over the head by an angry protester. The sign reportedly said, “I support Darren Wilson” and the woman was allegedly shouting, “Y’all need to get your facts straight.”

After the woman was attacked, police quickly showed up on the scene, grabbed the woman, and quickly escorted her away from the crowd in a police car.

“That sign was meant to provoke us. I asked the police, 'Why are you letting her protest causing problems over here?'” said protester Tenisha Wheeler, according to the Washington Post. “I wouldn’t dare go to a rally supporting Wilson with my own self.”

Another protester, who traveled from Illinois, shared her account of what happened.

“The police walked her past,” said 30-year-old Amber Howland. “I said I’m white I can get through the crowd. I was going to hit this bitch. They pushed me away. And ran and put her in a truck.”

As tensions continue to rise in Ferguson, more details have emerged that shed a light on exactly what went on the day that Officer Darren Wilson fatally shot Michael Brown.

Sources: TheBlaze, Mediaite, The Washington Post


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