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Woman Assaults Man For Using Drone To Take Pictures On Beach (Video)

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After 23-year-old Connecticut woman Andrea Mears noticed a young man using a drone to take pictures of people on a beach, she immediately called police and then attacked the man.

"He's taking pictures of people on the beach, with a, with a helicopter plane," Mears says to police in the video.

Mears becomes increasingly irritated when police do not take her request seriously. After demanding a second time that police report to the site, she approaches the young man herself.

The photographer is packing up his equipment when Mears approaches him. She begins to scratch, kick and hit him while he records the assault with his iPhone.

"That's what you get you little pervert," Mears says.

The iPhone footage was later collected by police and used to charge Mears, who claimed that she had been attacked. Mears was charged with assault and breach of peace.

The drone footage itself was posted to YouTube.

Sources: Daily Dot, DIY Photography


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