Woman Arrested for Trying to Audition for ‘American Idol’

In Pittsburg, Brittany Acosta, 21, was arrested when police say she tried to force her way into 'American Idol' tryouts last month. Her trespassing case was postponed until Monday, but Acosta is refusing to plead guilty to anything.

Costa is accused of showing up at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center for 'American Idol' tryouts without credentials and refusing to leave. According to police, she said: “I’m not leaving. This is my dream. My life is ruined.”

Acosta admits she’s tried at six different times in six different cities to try to make the 'American Idol' tryouts: Denver, St. Louis, San Diego, Pittsburgh, Texas and New York.

She says travel to the tryouts has cost her close to $10,000 with no one willing to listen to her sing.

Acosta is expected back in court in a few weeks. Meantime, she plans to move to California to pursue her dream. Acosta says she’s booked on another network singing show.


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