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Woman Arrested For Transporting Children In Pickup's Fiberglass-Covered Box

A woman from Carbon Hill, Alabama, was arrested in North Dakota for driving with four young children in her pickup truck’s fiberglass-covered box.

Amber Parker, 32, was pulled over by Ward County deputies on Thursday afternoon after Minot Central Dispatch received a call about children being transported in a pickup’s box.

Four children — ages 6, 7, 8, and 8 — were found in the fiberglass-covered box, reports

Inside the pickup’s cab, three adults and three children, ages 10, 2, and 1, were found.

The only child in a car seat was the 1-year-old, reports Fox 10 TV.

Parker told deputies the children had recently rode in the box from Alabama to North Dakota.

"They were hot and uncomfortable,'' Ward County Chief Deputy Bob Barnard said.

The children were placed in the custody of family members after arrangements were made to safely transport them.

Parker is charged with five counts of child restraint violations, reckless endangerment, and no current vehicle registration.

Sources:, Fox 10 TV / Photo credit:


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