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Woman Arrested For Throwing Kittens Out SUV Window Onto Highway

A Florida woman has been arrested for allegedly throwing kittens out her SUV's window onto the highway.

According to a witness, Veronica Gordon, 39, threw four small kittens out of her black Infinity SUV’s windows on a highway in Navarre, Florida, on Friday, The Daily Mail reports.

The kittens were thrown from the driver and passenger-side windows, the witness said.

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“[One of the kittens] grabbed on to the passenger-side door in an attempt not to fall [and made if for] several seconds [before letting go],” the witness said.

The kittens are believed to be 7 weeks old and only one was recovered. It is said to be in poor condition and has been given to a veterinarian for treatment.

Gordon reportedly confessed to the act, reports WPTV. She has been charged with felony animal cruelty and is being held on a $5,000 bond.

Sources: The Daily Mail, WPTV

Photo Source: WPTV


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