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Woman Arrested For Stealing Hearse And Dumping Body

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A Texas woman is facing charges after she allegedly stole a hearse and dumped the body it was carrying.

Tanya Ray Albrecht, 28, of Brazos, Texas, faces state felony charges and a $10,000 fine after she stole the hearse, according to The Eagle. The driver of the hearse pulled up to a convenience store to purchase a newspaper and left the tan Chevy Suburban running. Albrecht reportedly climbed in and sped off.

Albrecht allegedly dumped the body shortly after stealing the hearse, later picking up Adam Craig Crow, 27, who is also facing charges. Crow was driving the hearse when arrested by police after the six-and-a-half hour chase.

Albrecht also faces charges of abuse of a corpse, which is a class A misdemeanor in Texas and carries a maximum penalty of one year in jail.

Both are also charged with use of a fake license plate after allegedly using a black permanent marker to alter a 3 into an 8.

Albrecht told investigators that she was asking patrons of a local McDonald's if they could give her a ride home, according to KBTX. Albrecht then told them she had gotten permission from the hearse driver to use the vehicle. She also said she was not aware there was a body in the back.

Albrecht then expressed no remorse for the body she dumped by the side of the road, saying "they're in a better place."

A delivery driver saw the body, which was on a stretcher and wrapped only in a blanket, on the side of the road and called authorities. Police identified both the body and the funeral home and were able to track down the vehicle within hours, according to The Eagle.

Albrecht told authorities the hearse driver "set her up" and became emotional when shown pictures of the body on the side of the road. She could not provide specifics on how or why the driver was intentionally sabotaging her, ultimately becoming frustrated and saying she didn't care about dead people.

Officers stopped the hearse after it pulled out of the rest stop and Crow switched seats with Albrecht.

In 2014, a hearse was stolen outside of a Baptist church in Los Angeles shortly before funeral services for the deceased were scheduled to begin. The hearse was stolen with the casket still inside, and family members quickly chased down the thief before angrily exchanging words with him, according to the Los Angeles Times. 

Sources: The Eagle, KBTX, Los Angeles Times / Photo credit: Michael Gil/Flickr

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