Woman Arrested for Spray-Painting Anti-NYPD Messages on School Walls and Cop Cars

The NYPD has arrested a woman in Brooklyn after she spray-painted anti-police sentiments on police vehicles and a public school wall in Williamsburg.

Amongst the woman’s messages were “Nazis=NYPD” and “a wrongful arrest is a crime.”

On Monday, 36-year-old Rosella Best was charged with criminal mischief as a hate crime, plus aggravated harassment.

The New York Post caught surveillance video of the “blond, blue-eyed vandal” spray-painting the messages at around 5:30 a.m. on August 26.

Best’s other 'hate' messages, scrawled on and near a Williamsburg school, include “NYPD pick on the harmless” and “NYPD pick on the innocent.”

Police sources noted that a Rite Aid shop and a post office were also marked with the graffiti.

NY Post reports that Best was also previously arrested on July 16 after she threw a green drink in a woman’s face during an argument in a Brooklyn park.

Sources: New York Magazine, New York Post

Photo Sources: New York Magazine, New York Post


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