Couple Fought Over Bedspread; Woman Left Deep Scratches in Boyfriend's Body


On Tuesday, a Florida woman allegedly severely scratched her boyfriend with her fingernails after a disagreement over the air conditioning temperature.

Emma Campbell, 20, has been accused of leaving several long, deep scratches on boyfriend Alexander McCall’s chest, back and upper right thigh.

The Daytona Beach News-Journal reports that the couple, who had been together for three years, was splitting up and couldn’t agree on who could use the bed cover.

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Cops arrived at the couple’s home at 4:14 a.m. after neighbors reported that a woman had been screaming outside for 15 minutes.

Upon arrival, cops discovered that Campbell had been fighting over the blanket.

In their report, officers detailed that “Due to Campbell’s aggressive attacks with her nails, McCall shoved her off of him at which time she landed on the floor.”

As noted in the report, Campbell claimed McCall cut her lips during the scuffle; officers, however, did not see any injuries on her.

The report also noted that Campbell told officers that McCall kicked her at one point during the fight, but admitted that she could not “remember all the details” of the fight.

Campbell was arrested and charged with battery causing bodily harm.

NY Daily News reports that she was released from Volusia County Branch Jail several hours later on her own recognizance.

Sources: NY Daily News, News Daytona Beach

Photo Sources: NY Daily News


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