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Woman Arrested For Shoving Meth In 2-Year-Old's Mouth

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A California woman is in custody after she admitted to forcibly giving a 2-year-old methamphetamine while he was playing in a park.

Sayyadina Thomas, 36, was arrested by police in California's East Bay area after she admitted to shoving meth into a 2-year-old boy's mouth while at a local playground, according to KGO-TV. The boy's nanny watched Thomas appear to stick something in the boy's mouth, and rushed over to see what it was before calling police.

Thomas is well-known to park regulars as well as local police, who say she previously has been arrested for indecent exposure, probation violations, and trespassing.

"She just walked up to him and grabbed him ... she just stuck her hands in his mouth," said a witness who did not want to show his face. "It was kind of messed up," the witness continued. "She's not a very good person. She steals everyone's stuff. She runs around talking to herself. She's crazy."

Inside Edition reports that Thomas admitted to paramedics that she had given the boy meth. The toddler was rushed to a local hospital where it was confirmed that he had ingested the drug. Thomas was also held for psychiatric evaluation, according to police.  

"It's really sad, that's what it is. Very sad -- along with a lot of stuff that probably happens here in the park," local resident Joanna Garcia told KGO-TV. "I was telling my friend about it -- just really shocking that would happen, especially a child would be targeted."

Thomas will be charged with attempted murder. It was not immediately clear if the boy had recovered.

A Louisiana mom was arrested after her 2-year-old son ingested meth he found in her purse, according to WGNO. She brought her son to the hospital after he exhibited wild and erratic behavior. Doctors found there was a large amount of methamphetamine in his system after a blood screen.

A Pennsylvania couple was arrested after their toddler ate what appeared to be a bag full of meth. The parents are facing child endangerment charges after their 22-month-old daughter needed to be airlifted to a local hospital, according to WNEP.

Methamphetamine is a stimulant drug usually found as a white powder, although pill form is also common, according to the National Institute of Drug Abuse. Crystal meth -- a purer, rocklike form of meth -- looks like blueish-white glass fragments. Unlike crack cocaine and other illicit substances, meth provides a cheap high and can be consumed in large quantities. Meth can be inhaled, snorted, ingested, or smoked.

Sources: KGO-TV, Inside Edition, WGNO, WNEP, National Institute of Drug Abuse / Photo credit: Greg Goebel/Flickr

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