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Woman Arrested For Actor's Death 4 Years Later (Photos)

Woman Arrested For Actor's Death 4 Years Later (Photos) Promo Image

A woman has been arrested for the murder of a "Star Trek: The Experience" actor who was found shot to death in 2013.

Kelleen Cota, 57, was arrested for conspiracy to commit murder and murder with a deadly weapon on Sept. 14. The victim in the case was 70-year-old Charles Thomas Deishley, an actor who was known for his role as General Motog in "Star Trek: The Experience," New York Daily News reports.

In August 2016, Cota was indicted for racketeering, embezzlement, forgery, and grand larceny charges along a charge of obtaining money under false pretenses. Janette Anais Martinez and James Anthony Martinez-Amador were also charged alongside Cota.

According to prosecutors, the three of them scammed Deishley, tricking him into investing his million-dollar inheritance in fake investment schemes they claimed were for coins, gold, billboards and real estate, Daily Mail reports.

Police said when Deishley started to ask questions about his investments, he was shot in the head. Police found the actor's body during a welfare check in December of 2013.

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Until recently, the bullet that killed Deishley had been missing.

But on June 22, Deishley's son contacted police to let them know he had found a bullet -- which turned out to match a .38 caliber handgun belonging to Cota. Damage to the bullet, however, kept analysts from conclusively determining that the bullet was fired from Cota's gun, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

In July, Martinez had told police that Cota had given the handgun to Martinez-Amador.

Costa is being held at the Clark County Detention Facility without bail.

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One of Deishley's friends from "Star Trek," Kerstan Szczepanski, showed a text from the actor's son to the Las-Vegas Review Journal.

"Honestly, I'm been waiting for this for 1,376 days and now I find I'm speechless," read the text message.

"We're relieved after waiting for so long," said Szczepanski, adding that the "Star Trek" community was glad that an arrest was finally made in Deishley's death.

"You are missed my friend," wrote one friend of Deishley's on Facebook, adding, "Rest in Sto'Vo'Kor where the honored live forever!"

"The Experience" was a permanent attraction at the Las Vegas Hilton Hotel, according to the Star Trek fan wiki Memory Alpha. The attraction included a shuttle ride and performance with actors playing various Star Trek characters.

The attraction also included various shops and restaurants themed around the iconic television franchise.

Deishley played the Klingon General Motog for a decade, from the opening of "Star Trek: The Experience" in 1998 until it closed in 2008.

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