Woman Arrested For Making Threats Against Police On Facebook


Ebony Dickens, a 33-year-old mother from East Point, Georgia, was arrested for allegedly making threats against police officers on Facebook. She has been charged with one count of dissemination of information to facilitate terroristic threats, reports USA Today.

Using the name Tiffany Milan, Dickens reportedly wrote on Facebook: “I thought about shooting every white cop I see in the head until I’m either caught by the police or killed by them… Might kill at least 15 tomorrow, I’m plotting now.” She also allegedly wrote, "Death to all white cops nationwide,” and “I condone black on white killings. Hell they condones crime against us.”

Dickens’ post is being investigated by the FBI, as well as Georgia Bureau of Investigation and local police. East Point police said they might file more charges against her. The FBI and Department of Homeland Security are conducting investigations, reorts My Fox Atlanta.

“That’s 15 people that she’s talking about killing within a day or so, so whether she is serious or not that's something that we have to take seriously,”  East Point police Lt. Cliff Chandler told WSBTV. Police seized computers, a firearm and a cell phone while executing a search warrant on Dickens’ home less than 24 hours after she wrote the post. 

“I don't think she anticipated that we would respond as quickly as we did,” Chandler said.

Dickens’ bail was set at $10,000 and ordered that all of her social media accounts be suspended.

WARNING: Note Contains Strong Language

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Sources: My Fox Atlanta, USA Today, WSBTV

Image: East Point Police Department Via USA Today


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