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Woman Arrested For Leaving Baby In Car While Stealing

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Sarah Wilmoth, a Florida mom who took a trip to a grocery store, ended up going to jail on charges of drug possession, shoplifting and child endangerment.

Wilmoth, 30, posted $6,500 bail two days after being arrested on Jan. 13 in the Vero Beach Publix parking lot. Wilmoth might have not been arrested if she had taken her baby with her. Sheriff's deputies in Indian River were in the parking lot because an alert couple had noticed the baby boy inside Wilmoth's 2001 Chevrolet Blazer and called police.

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According to Wilmoth's arrest report, the couple discovered that the young boy was all alone in the car when they parked beside the SUV that chilly afternoon. They couldn’t help but notice the boy again when they got back 45 minutes later, he was still alone in the seat of the car. At that point, the toddler “appeared to be in a deplorable state. He was crying helplessly.”

The concerned couple gave the sheriff’s office a call, and the deputies called emergency medical services, which came and broke into the car to take a look at the boy. The EMTs cleared the toddler medically. After carrying out a license plate search, Wilmoth’s name turned up.

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Publix management paged Wilmoth inside the store, and she went to the customer service counter to answer to the deputies. They then arrested her on charges of endangering a child for leaving him unattended inside a vehicle for more than 15 minutes.​

Upon seeing EMTs attending to her baby boy, the report stated that Wilmoth screamed at the top of her voice, “Oh, my God! That is my son!” She later said, “I left my son and my cousin in the car so he could be looked after, I can’t find my cousin, nor do I know where he might have run off to and why would he leave my son all alone in the car.”

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The arrest report says Wilmoth changed her statement because she understood she needed to tell the truth. She told police she left the toddler in the car because he was fast asleep and she didn't want to wake him.

After being placed under arrest, police searched Wilmoth. During the search, police say they found a “small unblemished, plastic baggy which contained a clear rocky material and a crack pipe with some residual material in it...”​

After a series of questions, Wilmoth allegedly admitted that it was meth that has been laced with pure cocaine, and that she was a user.

A more comprehensive search of Wilmoth reportedly revealed a number of items hidden inside her bra. Police say they found clear nail polish, Poo Pourri, Before-You-Go spray, some facial cream, OPI Pinking of You pink nail polish, perfume and a few other items. Police believe these were the items she had shoplifted from the Publix store.

Sarah Wilmoth was charged with child endangerment, meth possession and shoplifting. Wilmoth is out on bail pending her next court appearance, which is scheduled for Feb. 14.

Source: Express Digest / Featured Image: Pixabay / Embedded Images: IFCAR/Wikimedia Commons, poundersjason/Wikimedia Commons, Coolcaesar/Wikimedia Commons

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