Woman Arrested For Forcing Herself On Unconscious Man In Parking Lot Explains Her Actions


Police arrested a Virginia woman Tuesday afternoon after witnesses reported her having sex in a public parking lot.

Hampton Roads reports that officers found a man and woman having sex in the 6025 E. Virginia Beach Blvd. parking lot in Norfolk, Virginia, at approximately 3:30 p.m., said Norfolk police officer Daniel Hudson.

They arrested 36-year-old Kimberly Marie Jackson under the charge of being drunk in public.

Officers found Jackson's boyfriend, Earl Palmer, unconscious and unresponsive, so paramedics transported him to Sentara Leigh Hospital.

Records show that Jackson bonded out of jail by early Wednesday evening.

"I was in the mood, and that's basically what happened," she explained her actions to WTKR.

She said that, in her impaired state, she didn't think that she would get caught.

"The alcohol made me think I wouldn't," Jackson said. "I'm not into erotic public sex or anything like that. That was all the alcohol."

As for Palmer, he said that he passed out in the middle of the act from drinking too much, and he stands by his girlfriend completely.

"I'm here trying to clear her name and let them know I consented to that, I just didn't finish the job as you could say," said Palmer.

A reporter asked why they decided to have sex in the middle of a parking lot, in the middle of the day.

"Everyone wants to do something spontaneous," Palmer explained. "I'm not being disrespectful to you. Have you ever done anything spontaneous?"

Police say that Jackson could face more charges, but Palmer says he will not file any, as he consented to having sex with her.

"She had needs, I had needs," he explained. "It just happened. But from now on we know we gotta do it more discreet."

When asked if something like this might happen again, Jackson quickly said "no," but her boyfriend seemed to be keeping an open mind on the subject.

"I don't know," he said after a brief pause.

Sources: Hampton RoadsWTKR / Photo credit: Norfolk Jail via WTKR


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