Woman Arrested For Filming Police Officers (Video)

A woman in Crowley, Louisiana was arrested for filming a friend’s interaction with police officers and the video she uploaded to YouTube has since gone viral.

In the video’s description, the woman claims she recorded a friend’s interaction with police because he claimed that they have been rude and unhelpful to him in the past. She started to film, but one officer did not like it and arrested her for intervening with a police investigation.

“This is the clip of my latest arrest for trying to hold police in Crowley, Louisiana accountable,” said the YouTube user. “This arrest cost me $300 in bail and about 8 hours of freedom. The cops also yanked my phone out of my husband’s hands and kept it as evidence…that is, until they did their research and had to return it to me.”

The woman says that even though she was arrested, she hopes the video will help put an end to what she says is unfair treatment at the hands of police officers in her town.

“I hope that this illegal action, by CPD, will eventually force a change in the department and how they treat the residents of Crowley,” said the user.

Check out the altercation in the video below.

Sources: The Free Project.com, YouTube


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