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Woman Arrested For Child Abuse After 5-Year-Old Daughter Is Hospitalized For Malnourishment

A woman from Tulsa, Oklahoma, has been arrested after she reportedly starved and dehydrated her child. The child was taken to the hospital on Nov. 29 and the mother was arrested on Dec. 2 as the result of a child abuse complaint.

Christina Calhoun, 25, was arrested on child neglect charges after the Saint Francis Hospital contacted police and the Department of Human Services (DHS) after Calhoun's 5-year-old girl was discovered to be severely malnourished and dehydrated, Fox 23 reports. Doctors diagnosed the child with chronic medical neglect, Tulsa World notes. She weighed only 19 pounds when she was admitted to the hospital.

Police said that the mother had previously been offered DHS services but did not take advantage of them. She is also involved in several other DHS cases involving child neglect, with at least one occasion where Calhoun failed to provide nutrition and medical attention, according to her arrest and booking report that was obtained by Tulsa World.

Police added that Calhoun had been uncooperative with DHS in the past, and would attempt to hinder their attempts at investigating the child's health by covering the child with a blanket and only allowing the young girl's face to be seen.

More arrests in the case are possible, as police believe that other people may have seen the child's desperate condition and decided not to contact authorities. In an interview with Fox 23, a neighbor of Calhoun's said that she did not see anything from the residence that she felt she needed to report.  

Police currently believe that whatever kind of neglect this child was subjected to, it happened over a very long period of time.  The child reportedly has other medical issues stemming from neglect and was originally transported to the hospital on Nov. 29 because she was having trouble breathing. Police report that it looks like the girl will survive, according to Fox 23.

Sources: Fox 23, Tulsa World / Photo Credit: Tulsa County Jail via Fox 23

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