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Woman Arrested After Taping Dog's Mouth Shut, Leaving Him In Tiny Cage

Florida woman Andrea Curiel has been arrested on animal cruelty charges after police found her pit bull crammed in a small cage with his mouth taped shut. There was no food or water in the cage, and the dog had urine burns on his feet and testicles.

Curiel told police she taped her dog’s mouth shut because she was afraid he would bark and alert her apartment's property manager. Curiel lives on the third floor of an apartment, presumably one where dogs aren’t allowed.

Police also found urine and feces in the cage. Curiel said she was aware of the dog’s waste, but was rushing to work on the morning police arrived and didn’t have time to clean it out.

Police promptly arrested Curiel on animal cruelty charges. She is being held at the Palm Beach County Jail, and her bond is set at $3,000

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Sources: WFLA, WPTV


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