Woman Faces Double Humiliation: Grandmother Denies Her Facebook Friend Request And She's Arrested For Slapping


Some people take Facebook just a little too seriously. Case in point: 27-year-old Florida resident Rachel Hayes.

Hayes was arrested this week for repeatedly slapping her grandma. The reason she slapped her? The grandma wouldn’t accept her Facebook friend request.

Hayes was at her grandma’s house on Thursday when the argument started. When the grandma reiterated that she didn’t want to accept Hayes' request, Hayes slapped her numerous times.

Police arrived at the grandma’s residence soon after and arrested Hayes. Shocker: drinking was involved.

Hayes was charged with domestic battery on an elderly person, and is currently being held without bond at the Pinellas County Jail.

Sources: Huffington Post, News 2 / Photo Credit: News 2, Fiverr.com


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