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Woman Arrested After Police Discover What She Tried To Do To An Infant

A woman in Nampa, Idaho, was arrested after allegedly attempting to drown an infant in an irrigation ditch.

According to reports, 22-year-old Regina Dilworth was under the influence of drugs when she tried to drown the infant. A 4-year-old was nearby during the incident, and Dilworth reportedly attempted to give that child away to a stranger. Both children are Dilworth’s, notes KTVB.

“(She was) walking in the roadway carrying a 10-month-old baby and had a 4-year-old following behind,” Sgt. Jason Cantrell said. “At one point she tried to turn her 4-year-old daughter over to a random stranger who was in their front yard and asked the stranger to take care of the child.”

A driver then pulled over and asked if Dilworth needed assistance. She declined, but the driver notified authorities. As Dilworth began walking across the street, the driver followed. 

“When the witness got to the canal bank she observed Regina submerged in the water and the water was up to the baby's neck,” Cantrell said. 

The driver then jumped into the water and grabbed the baby before Dilworth was able to do any harm, reports Idaho Press-Tribune. 

Dilworth was arrested and charged with two counts of injury to a child, and is scheduled to appear in court next week. 


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