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Woman Arrested After Police Discover How She Had Been Keeping Track Of Her Children

Kayla Oxenham allegedly branded her two girls, ages 5 and 7, with a hot stick so that she could recall that they were in fact her kids.

The 7-year-old girl told Port Charlotte, Fla., police officers that her mom used a lighter to burn a stick and injured their arms with the hot stick, notes Fox 4.

One of their children did show signs of being burned, according a medical exam.

The 7 year old also claimed that Oxenham, 23, slammed the 5-year-old girl's head into a wall repeatedly for locking a cat in the bathroom.

Oxenham, who works as a medical assistant, has denied beating her kids and refuses to speak about the alleged branding incidents, reports NBC 2.

Police started an investigation into Oxenham in March after reports of child abuse were made to the Florida Department of Children and Families.

Oxenham was charged with felony child abuse on Tuesday.

Sources: Fox 4 and NBC 2


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