Police: Woman Gave Birth To 11-Year-Old's Child (Photo)

A Florida woman was arrested after allegedly giving birth to an 11-year-old's child.

Marissa Mowry, 25, is accused of having sexual intercourse with the victim at a Hillsborough County residence in January 2014, according to WFTS. Officials say Mowry became pregnant as a result of the intercourse. She gave birth in October of that year.

Mowry was 22 years old when the alleged sex took place. The victim was 11.

According to police, Mowry carried on a sexual relationship with the victim for a number of years.

"The defendant and victim continued with sexual contact multiple times when the victim was between the ages of 11-14 years old," the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office stated in an email, according to Patch.

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A warrant for Mowry's arrest was secured after detectives completed their investigation of the unlawful relationship. The Sun reports that Mowry was arrested outside Busch Gardens, a theme park in Tampa, Florida, where she worked in food service.

She was booked into Hillsborough County Jail and charged with sexual battery.

Mowry's current boyfriend told WFTS he had no idea that an 11-year-old had fathered Mowry's child.

The Hillsborough County Sheriff's Child Protective Division participated in the investigation, according to WFTS. Mowry's 3-year-old child will be delivered into the care of a responsible adult.

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In the state of Florida, the crime of rape falls under the rubric of sexual battery and does not have its own legal definition, according to Richard Hornsby's website. In order to establish that sexual battery has occurred, prosecutors must show that the defendant orally, vaginally or anally penetrated the victim with a sexual organ or other object. It must also be demonstrated that the penetration was not consensual.

However, if the victim is less than 12 years old, consent is irrelevant. For a defendant to be convicted of sexual battery on a child under 12, it has to be demonstrated that he or she had oral, vaginal or anal contact with a child under the age of 12.

Sexual battery on a child under 12 by a person 18 or older is a capital felony. The punishment is life in prison without the possibility of parole. It is unclear whether Mowry is facing this charge.

Sources: WFTS, The Sun, Patch, Richard Hornsby / Photo credit: Max Pixel, Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office via WFTS, Mydrim Jones via The Sun

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