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Woman Arrested After Duping Couple With Fake Pregnancy


A Texas couple was heartbroken after being duped by a woman who claimed to be pregnant and ready to give her twin boys up for adoption. 

Jason and Byron Miller, of Mansfield, Texas, had three adoptions fall through before meeting Wenona McClellan. When they met her, they were certain that their fight to become parents was finally successful — seeing sonograms of the supposed twins and even touching her belly in the hopes of feeling the babies kick. 

“This woman walked into an adoption attorney’s office and said, ‘Hey, I’m about to have a baby this week. I need someone to take these kids,’” Jason Miller said.

The couple scrambled to get a nursery ready and liquidated a 401K in order to pay adoption fees. They even got an attorney to pay McClellan thousands of dollars for living expenses.

“You’re thinking these are going to be your sons. Soon,” Byron said. “We were so excited in that moment that she was actually gonna allow us to have her children and we were going to be new parents that if there were red flags, we didn’t see them.”

Suddenly, McClellan postponed her C-section — causing the pair to grow suspicious. A close look at the sonogram she showed them revealed a copyright, which was traced to a video from years earlier. 

“After everything we’d been through, this could not be happening,” Byron said. 

After missing a doctor’s appointment, McClellan went missing — taking the Millers’ money with her.

“It’s been so rough – emotionally and financially,” he said, adding that it would be the last time he and his husband pursue adoption. 

“I think we’ve done our best.”

Wenona McClellan was subsequently arrested after the adoption agency called police. She was taken into custody without incident, and bond was set at $500,000. 

McClellan, who has a history of criminal activity including theft and drug possession, was charged with violating the terms of her probation — which was set after an April arrest on drug charges.

Sources: KTRE, CBS DFW / Photo credit:


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