'I Want My Drugs': Woman Calls Police To Report Man Stealing Her Marijuana And Money, Gets Arrested


A Florida woman is behind bars after she contacted emergency services to report a man who stole her money and marijuana.

Police arrested Daneshia Lachelle Heller, 19, on Tuesday after deputies from the Broward Sheriff’s Office discovered a bag of the street drug flakka in her pocket, Local 10 reports.

Flakka is a new synthetic drug similar to bath salts that induces hallucinations and psychosis.

According to Heller, she arrived at a home in Fort Lauderdale in order to purchase marijuana. However, the man at the residence, Zakan Allan, took $5 from the woman and did not give her anything in return.

She decided to take matters into her own hands and called the police.

“He got my money and I want my drugs,” Heller said to the dispatcher. “Can you send an officer?”

Deputies reported Heller talking to herself when they arrived. A deputy discovered a white substance in her pocket while arresting her, and it tested positive for flakka.

A witness at the scene told the deputy that Heller is regularly in the neighborhood looking for drugs.

She has been charged with possession of drugs as well as misusing 911.

She is in jail without bond due to the fact that she is in violation of her probation in relation to a misdemeanor battery charge, according to the Sun Sentinal.

Source: Local10, SunSentinal

Photo Credit: NBC


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