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Woman Arrested After Bringing Three Children Along While Trying To Burglarize Colorado Home

A 35-year-old Colorado woman was arrested earlier this month and now faces child abuse charges for bringing her three kids with her as she tried to burglarize a home.

Melanie Romero was caught in the home of a retired police officer, who reported the incident to the local police department, according to WFMY News.

“I felt this presence, almost like I could hear footsteps going across my living room,” said homeowner Kim Steffen-Brauch, who was napping at the time.

Steffen-Brauch added that she always keeps a gun close by, which she drew on Romero as she entered the bedroom.

“That's when I asked her, 'What the 'blank' are you doing in my house? Put your hands up. Let me see your hands’,” she told WFMY News.

Steffen-Brauch escorted the woman back to the living room, before calling the police. Sheriff’s deputies responding to Steffen-Brauch’s call discovered Romero’s three children waiting in a car in the driveway.

“Unless you're desperate, you don't get your kids involved — you just don’t,” Steffen-Brauch said.

Romero sought to excuse her behavior by claiming she was looking for a friend, but police linked her to another burglary at the home of one of Steffen-Brauch’s neighbors.

“It just didn't make sense, and I had a lot of red flags from my previous experience that said, 'Don't let her go,” Steffen-Brauch said.

On top of Romero’s child abuse charges, police also brought a trespassing charge against her. More charges could follow as officers investigate possible links to other similar crimes, MadWorldNews reported.

Sources: WFMY, MadWorldNews / Photo credit: MadWorldNews


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