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Woman Arrested After Attempting To Bail Out Inmate Boyfriend Who Beat Her

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A woman in Flagler County, Florida, was arrested after trying to bail an inmate out of jail who allegedly beat her.

47-year-old Cynthia Walker reportedly walked into the Flagler County Detention Facility on Friday to bail out her boyfriend, Alexander Yetman. 35-year-old Yetman had been arrested the previous day at a nearby hotel after he allegedly beat Walker up.

Authorities say Yetman blackened Walker’s eyes during the beating. The pair has a no contact order with each other.

After police told Walker that she was not allowed to bond Yetman out of jail due to the order, she was offered a ride back to her hotel. She agreed, and gave officers her purse to search. They subsequently found marijuana, pills, a glass pipe and methamphetamine in the bag, and arrested her immediately.

Walker was arrested and charged with “trafficking amphetamines, possession of drugs without a prescription and possession of marijuana under 20 grams,” according to News 13. She is currently in jail on $26,000 bond.

Sources: News 13, WESH / Photo Credit:


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