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Woman Gets Knocked Out In Alleged Road Rage Beating (Video)

Woman Gets Knocked Out In Alleged Road Rage Beating (Video) Promo Image

Two Florida women have been arrested following allegations that they took their road rage too far by jumping out of their car and beating a driver until she was unconscious (video below).

Police arrested 49-year-old Shelley Lyn Gemberling and her stepdaughter, 20-year-old Alicia Nikole Scarduzio, on Sept. 20 following the incident, which took place during the afternoon of Sept. 19 in New Port Richey, reports the Tampa Bay Times. They both reportedly told officers that they were victims.

The suspects' car was waiting at a red light next to victim Emily Bailey's when Gemberling and Scarduzio allegedly exited their vehicles and approached Bailey's driver-side door.

As Bailey tried to roll up her window, the pair allegedly pulled her out through the open window before punching her in the head and body, causing her to fall to the ground and lose consciousness.

"The mom grabbed me by my throat and started squeezing my neck," Bailey told WFLA. "The daughter grabbed me by the back of my hair and started pulling … All I could think about was my son."

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A witness captured a portion of the incident on a phone camera. That footage, released by Inside Edition, shows a woman believed to be Scarduzio standing over Bailey, who lies limp on the ground.

The woman in the video stands above Bailey and holds onto her while hitting her in the head with repeated hammer-fist strikes.

"When I looked into the woman's eyes, I saw pure rage," Bailey recalled. "It looked like she wanted to kill me. During those times, the daughter said: 'Stop hitting my mom. Quit hitting my mom.' And, then she hit me again. And everything went black."

A witness said that they saw the pair beating Bailey -- who suffered a broken nose and concussion -- but that they did not see Bailey throwing any strikes.

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Scarduzio told police that she did not punch Bailey but did hit her with an open hand, according to the arrest report.

Bailey said that the suspects started the altercation by cutting her off, and she did not understand why they attacked her when they were "in the wrong." She said she struggles to watch the footage of the attack and said that she is afraid to get into her car or beep her horn.

"It was the longest red light of my life," she said, adding that she feared for her life during the beating. "They kept screaming at me, telling me they wanted to f**king kill me. I just wanted the light to change. I never thought they would get out of their car and run toward me and pull me out of my vehicle."

Gamberling and Scarduzio were charged with burglary and aggravated battery.

Sources: Tampa Bay Times, WFLA / Featured Image: Pexels / Embedded Images: WFLA, Pasco County Jail via WFLA

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