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Woman, Man Take Selfie With Corpse Of Friend Who Overdosed

Instead of seeking help for a friend who reportedly overdosed in their company, a man and a woman in Missouri have been arrested and charged with manslaughter after police say they took selfies with his dead body and then dumped his corpse on the side of a road, reports Daily News.

Chelsie Berry, 24, told police she was in the company of 30-year-old Dannis (Nathan) Meyer last week, after he had injected himself with Dilaudid, a painkiller. She says her friend began “acting crazy” and “pulling out his penis” before passing out in a McDonald’s parking lot.

Berry then called 28-year-old Jared Prier to meet her because she says she became “nervous” and didn’t know what to do about Meyer. The duo reportedly drove to a convenience store with Meyer in the front seat, even though it appeared as if he was not breathing, Berry told cops. She says they checked the man and were able to confirm that he had “quit breathing,” reports The Smoking Gun.

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(via Daily News)

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(via Daily News)

Both Berry and Prier had reportedly taken meth and Xanax and she says they were afraid to call for help for the man because they didn’t want to get into trouble.

Meyer began to “smell bad,” according to Berry, so she and Prier reportedly dragged his body into the backseat of the car. Before ultimately dumping his corpse along a deserted road because they “got tired” of looking at it, they reportedly took a selfie with Meyer. Berry allegedly admitted to police that she posted the photo on her Facebook page, though it has since been removed.

A tipster saw the image, which reportedly showed the suspects and Meyer in the front seat of Meyer’s Nissan Pathfinder, and called police about it.

Police say Meyer and Prier have connections with the Joplin Honkies street gang and that the two were friends prior to this incident.

Sources: Daily News, The Smoking Gun

Photo Credit: Newtown County Sheriff’s Office 


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