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Grandmother, Father And Toddler Dead In Murder-Suicide

A murder-suicide in Pennsylvania claimed the lives of three people, including a 3-year-old girl.

On April 22, Northern York County Regional Police found the bodies of 50-year-old Tammy Williams, her 21-year-old son, Frankie, and his 3-year-old daughter, Kelly, in their home in Manchester Township.

Police went to perform a welfare check after Frankie failed to appear in Virginia for a child custody exchange.

"Responding officers found the home dark and no one answered the door," officials said, according to WGAL. "As officers were checking the exterior of the home, a dog inside the residence moved a curtain enough that the officers could see inside. The officers viewed a female lying on a couch. The female had obvious injuries. The officers forced entry to the home and found that the female was deceased and had suffered a gunshot wound to the head."

Frankie and Kelly were found in separate bedrooms. Both had been shot in the head, with Frankie's wound being self-inflicted. The shootings are believed to have occurred sometime on April 22.

Based on notes discovered at the scene, police have concluded that Tammy and Frankie made a pact to carry out a murder-suicide.

Tammy had reportedly been shot by her son, but Lt. Dave Lash told Penn Live that investigators "believe she was a willing participant. Based on the documents and other information we found at the home, we believe she was involved in the planning of these events."

Several notes were addressed to Kelly's mother, Makayla Lane, with whom Frankie had a joint custody arrangement. Penn Live reports that Lane was seeking primary custody of the child. According to court documents, Lane attempted to take Kelly with her when she moved to North Carolina, at which point Frankie allegedly threatened to kill them.

James Craft, the owner of the home in which the bodies were found, said Frankie moved in with his daughter on March 24.

"We vet all of our tenants," he told Penn Live. "He had a good rental history and a satisfactory credit score. Everything he told us panned out. He paid his rent."

Shortly after he began leasing the house, Frankie asked whether it would be OK for his mother to stay with him to help take care of his daughter. He said he had injured his ankle and couldn't take care of her by himself.

Craft said he was shocked to learn of the shootings.

"I was quite surprised," he said. "My first concern was, 'Was his daughter involved?' You hate to see something like that happen. It's a real shame someone has to go through that."

Sources: WGAL, Penn Live / Photo credit: Pixabay

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